[da] the

[asap] as soon as possible

[bbl] be back later

[bbs] be back soon

[btw] by the way

[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions

[fyi] for your information

[g2g] got to go

[gfy] good for you

[gg] good game

[gj] good job

[gm] Good Morning

[hth] hope this helps

[ic] I see

[imo imho] in my honest opinion

[irl] in real life

[jk] just kidding

[yew joo] you

[myob] mind your own business

[np] no problem

[noyb] none of your business

[otoh] on the other hand

[pvp] player versus player

[ru] are you

[tbh] to be honest

[thx thnx] thanks

[ttyl] talk to you later

[w8] wait

[k] ok

[o] oh

[wt] what

[u] you

[ur] you’rei

[urs] yours

[brb] be right back

[afk] away from keyboard

[2morrow] tomorrow

[i] I

[plz] please

[bc] because

[c] see

[g] gee

[x] ex

[FN] fun

[ik] I Know

[wb] Welcome Back

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