1. Do not harass, insult, excessively cuss, make racial or religious remarks, threaten any players or staff.

2. No Stealing or Griefing of homes. Also No murdering, attempted murder of players and passive mobs. Griefers will be banned for life!

3. Do not hack, glitch, exploit, xray or use mods in any way.

4. Do not touch stuff that is not yours. Be it a farm, house, animal, or items a player has dropped, do not touch it, or give it back immediately.

5. No whining, and no begging for items or admin status.

6. No Surface mining, open-pit mining. Sample mine at this public warp /warp Sample_Mine.

7. If you cut a tree down take all the wood and replant.

8. If you have a mishap where a creeper sneaks up on you, please repair the damage.

Aaron's World